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The outdoors enthusiast ready to walk with you through the planning process.

Meet Carianne

I can’t speak for all, but I can speak for myself and a few other planners I’ve met along the way that it seems at times the wedding industry has taken a turn for the worst.  Sometimes I wonder where it all got lost in the shuffle and where we confused a symbol and celebration of true love and lifelong commitment with money and status. Now don’t get me wrong I am ALL for all the pretty things when it comes to getting married, but only if the root of the day comes down to the couple and the whole reason they are celebrating, to honor their lifelong commitment, devotion and love to each other for eternity and beyond.

All of these qualities truly encapsulated Ainslee and Eric’s relationship. When I first met this couple in the winter of 2017, instantly I knew we would click. Finding out Eric grew up just one town over from me as a child only made it that more reassuring that these clients were going to be the greatest. Ainslee and I both shared a love for blue (she had me at velvet) and brought that throughout their wedding design with just a touch of blush. Throughout the entire planning process from the beginning, where we created their wedding day design boards to the very end and final details and execution the 3 of us established such a bond. It’s a bittersweet day when the wedding is over and everything is cleaned up. Not just because all the pretty velvet had been packed away but also because it felt like you were “breaking up” with your clients. Although we may not be working together anymore to create their wedding day, I get to watch them have the happiest marriage as a friend and know I had just a small part in that day makes my heart smile.

Getting this wedding gallery back from the Lovely Laura rose, made me re-live this day all over. My heart was filled with so much joy getting to see the true and genuine love between Eric and Ainslee in these photos! It was truly a blessing to have been by their sides through the entire process from the engagement ring to the wedding band. I’m so excited to share these photos with you all because I know you’ll feel the same way!

Happy (almost) 2 months of marriage for the Barnum’s, enjoy!



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caroline + mike

"My husband openly admits he originally thought hiring a wedding planner seemed like an unnecessary expense, now he’s is the first to say how wrong he was. Every detail was intentional and special. I had mentioned to Carianne my dad loved ice cream and before he passed away, we would always have special ice cream dates together. Carianne proceeded to make all my dreams come true and helped create a custom ice cream cart at our wedding. It meant the world to me and my family. Carianne is such a special person with an amazing gift for planning events. My husband and I are grateful for everything Carianne has done for us and we look forward to continuing a lifelong friendship with her."

"Carianne is the fairy godmother of weddings!"

ainslee + eric

"While Carianne helped us plan our wedding, she made sure to listen to every idea and was never afraid to tell us when something was unrealistic or if she felt there was something that would add to our vision. We are so grateful for the kindness and patience she showed. She worked to take the stress off of us and our families. We have no regrets from that weekend and we have her to thank for that. We don’t know what we would have done without her!"

"We don't know what we would have done without her!"

kelsey + ross

"Carianne's strength is definitely executing on a wedding vision! With our busy, growing careers it was great to have her to touch base with vendors and bring so much peace of mind the day of. She has an eye for design!"

"Carianne's strength is definitely executing on a wedding vision!"

abby + chris

"My husband and I are NOT big wedding people... we ended up eloping last minute, 4 months before our wedding date! Carianne was so excited for us and went with the flow. She took everything in stride! She helped us plan and execute our local wedding reception and gave us so many great ideas and tips. My entire family gushed about her the next day! I am certain that we couldn't have pulled off the most perfect wedding reception without her help. I think every bride needs a coordinator, and I'm recommending Carianne to everyone!"

"Carianne was so easy and wonderful to work with!"

Savannah + Mijamin

“ I came to Carianne with only three months left to plan my wedding and in need of some serious help! She asked questions I didn’t think of and her ideas were magical. During the process, she made sure things were going smoothly and stayed within my budget while still making my Pinterest dreams come to life! My parents are forever grateful for her coming and taking a huge weight off their shoulders. It was the best day of my entire life and Carianne made that happen!”

"It was the best day of my entire life and Carianne made that happen!”

Meggan + Kyle

"From the moment we met Carianne, we knew we trusted her to help us execute our perfect wedding day. She was so helpful throughout the planning process, checked in frequently, and even helped us find vendors. When our wedding weekend arrived, she was so helpful and stayed to work out every detail the day before the wedding. I knew I didn't have to worry or even think about how a thing because she took care of everything. It was such a help to myself, my husband, and our families to have Carianne there to take care of all the details. You would be crazy to not hire Carianne for any event you may have!

"I knew I didn't have to worry or think about a thing..."

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